How to start business in Slovakia?

It takes only 14 steps to run your own business in Slovakia! Clear guide, template documents and precise instructions on how to fill them out. It won’t get any easier than this.

Before we begin…

Do you know the terms and differences between different forms of companies in Slovakia? If not…
Do you have at least a temporary residence in Slovakia (temporary refuge status is not enough)? If not…

Do you have the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)? If not…


On average, the process of starting a Limited Liability Company takes about 15 to 20 days, so let’s jump right into it!

Set up your

Step 1: Choose your business name

What do you need to know about the business name?

Obchodné meno spoločnosti

Obchodné meno je možné ochrániť aj ochrannou známkou. Musí byť však používané na výrobkoch, reklamných materiáloch alebo poskytovaných službách. Súčasne je potrebné dodržať to, že obchodné meno musí byť rozlíšiteľné a nesmie obsahovať označenia, ktoré sa stali obvyklými v bežnom jazyku alebo zaužívaných zvyklostiach. Registrovať obchodné meno ako ochrannú známku

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Step 2: Select the type/types of your business

Tied and Craft Trades

These trades require a proof of professional competence (certificate, education, training etc.) and an approval from the relevant office.

The addition of each Tied and Craft Trade to your business costs 7,5€ (in case of electronic submission, paper submission is 15€).

Free Trades
Do not need to prove any proffesional competence. The addition of each Free Trade is free of charge (only if submitted electronically).

Step 3: Choose your company headquarters

Your own office

Must be an approved building.
Even if you are the sole owner, you must prove the right of ownership and use by a written Consent to the location of the company’s headquarters from the property owner. The consent must have a certified signature.

In case of spouses’ ownership, you need the consent of the spouse.

In case of joint venture, you must have the written consent of the majority of the unit-holders with notary certified signatures.

Leased office

In the lease agreement can be stated: “the premises can be used for business purposes”

The property must be approved and marked with an official number.

You need the owner’s consent, with officially certified signatures.

In the case of joint venture, you must have the written consent of the majority of the unit-holders with officially certified signatures. “

Virtual office

Spoplatnená služba prenájmu adresy na účely zápisu do OR a prijímania pošty
Od 10€ na mesiac, závisí od balíka služieb, ktroré poskytujú, ako napr.:

  • Notifikácia o prijatí zásielok
  • Preposlanie zásielok
  • Preberanie doporučenej pošty
* the document must have notarized signatures. This will cost approximately 2€ and you will need proof of identity to verify your signature. Find notary in your area

Step 4: Founding document of the company

Letter of Incorporation
Basic document of a single-person s.r.o., in which the basic requirements of each s.r.o. are regulated.
Memorandum of Association
Basic document of a multi-person s.r.o. (2 to 50 partners), which regulates the basic requirements of the s.r.o.
* the document must have notarized signatures. This will cost approximately 2€ and you will need an ID to verify your signature. Find notary in your area

a trade license

Step 5: Certificate of the criminal records (integrity)

At the moment for the citizens of Ukraine, a certificate of integrity issued by the Embassy of Ukraine is sufficient.

Instructions for obtaining the certificate:
The Consular Section of the Embassy of Ukraine in Slovakia is temporarily certifying the application (Affidavit of Integrity) for integrity in Ukraine instead of the “Certificate of Integrity”.

Required documents:

  • Passport + copy;
  • Copy of your Domestic passport
  • The consular fee is 18 euros.

Payment is made by a bank card at the consulate

Address: Radvanská 35 81101 Bratislava

It is neccessary to register online before visiting the Embassy at this link.

Step 6: Optional attachment: Proof of professional competence

(Only for craft and tied trades)
Confirmation of proof of professional competence

The Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic issues certificates of competence to perform a regulated trade in the Slovak Republic for use in the Member States of the European Union.

Application for the issue of a certificate of competence to perform a regulated trade

Attachments to the application:

– Proof of nationality of the applicant, it is sufficient to provide a legible photocopy of the certificate of nationality

– Officially certified photocopies of professional qualifications (eg apprenticeship certificate, evidence of formal qualifications, etc.) “

Alternative method of recognition of professional competence in the form of recognition of professional experience or qualification.
The alternative method of recognition of professional competence is permitted only for Slovak citizens and citizens from EU Member States, the EEA and Switzerland.

Step 7:Filling out and submitting the trade registration
form and issuing a trade license certificate

How to fill out and submit the form with attachments?
It’s easy, just get a Qualified Electronic Signature and follow our instructions.
Necessary attachments
  • Founding document (from step 4)
  • Property usage permitt (from step 3)
  • Certificate of Integrity (from step 5)

Optional attachments:

  • Proof of professional competence (from step 6) 
* all attachments must be electronically signed


Obtaining a trade license

If everything is alright, the certificate will be delivered to you by post.

If the application does not meet all the requirements, the Office will ask you to fix the defects within a reasonable time (at least fifteen days, including the weekends).

Registration in the Commercial register

The application for registration in the Commercial Register is submitted to the registered court with territorial jurisdiction according to the registered office of s.r.o. The application for registration must be submitted within 90 days of the establishment of s.r.o. or from the delivery of a trade license. A substantial part of the share capital (or in the case of a single founder) must be paid up before the application for registration can be submitted.

Step 8: Declaration of the company´s founder

If the company is founded by a single person.
* in case the company is established by a single legal entity, it is necessary to declare that it has several partners, or that its only partner is not s.r.o.

Step 9: Deposit repayment statement

One partner company
Multi-partner company

Step 10: Signature of executive managers

Deed appointing the managing director includes the sample signature of the managing director. It is necessary to certify the signatures with a notary.

Step 11: Optional annex: Consent of the tax administrator and the Social Insurance Agency

This appendix is not mandatory for persons with permanent residence in the Slovak Republic and not stated on the lists of debtors.
Person with permanent residence outside of Slovakia
If the applicant is not a tax entity (ie a person with permanent residence outside the Slovak Republic) he / she does not have to submit the consent of the tax administrator and the Social Insurance Agency, but will instead attach affidativ, which you can download here.
Person with permanent residence in Slovakia

A person on the list of tax debtors or on the list of debtors of the Social Insurance Agency may establish a limited liability company only if its tax administrator (tax office or customs office) or the Social Insurance Agency has given its consent to the establishment of the company. Nor can a person be listed in the register of execution.

For persons who are not on the list of debtors, the formation of the company has been simplified by not requiring the consent of the tax administrator. 

Step 12: Sending a request with attachments

How to submit an electronic application?

1. Fill out the electronic application for registration in the ORSR

2. Download the completed application to your computer

3. Open the service on the portal

4. Fill in the form

5. Upload all necessary attachments and sign them with an electronic signature

6. Sign the entire document and send it.

7. Wait for the payment order to be delivered, after which the application review process will begin.

8. You will be informed about the result electronically.

Mandatory attachments:

• Registration form (FUPS) (Link below),
• Memorandum or articles of association (from step 4)
• Trade license (from step 7)
• Deposit Manager Statement (from step 9)
• Authorization to use the property (from step 3)
• Signature specimen of the manager (from step 10)
• Written declaration of the founder (from step 8)
• Proof of residence permit for this person in the Slovak Republic

Optional attachments

• Statutes, if adopted,
• Tax administrator consent (from step 11)
• In case of a non-monetary contribution – an expert opinion proving that the value of the non-monetary contribution corresponds to the value of the assumed liability for a contribution to the company’s assets
• Written declaration of the founder with an officially certified signature who is a foreign natural person or a foreign legal entity.
• Written power of attorney, if the application for registration is submitted by a person authorized by the applicant


Registration at the
Tax Office

If you do not use the services of a single office and do not provide data to complete the tax registration together with the trade registration, the last step is the registration at the tax office, separately for each type of tax. A successfully registered company must be registered with the tax office within 30 days. The tax office has 30 days to issue a registration certificate to the company free of charge and assign a tax identification number (known as DIČ – VAT number).

Step 13: Completion of the Application for Registration for Income Tax,
Value Added Tax and Insurance Tax

How to fill in the application?
The application must be filled in electronically on the portal of the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic. Even though it is not available in languages other than Slovak, we recommend that you open it in Google Chrome and have the page automatically translated into your desired language.

Step 14: Submit application

Downloaded and completed application must be submitted as a “General Agenda” to the Tax Office in your regional city via the portal

Do not forget to...

  • … mark new s.r.o. on the mailbox, it is a legal obligation.
  • … check the electronic mailbox on the portal regularly, the state will communicate with you in certain matters exclusively electronically.
  • … Process accounting, whether by you or by an accounting firm.

Congratulations! !
You made it, this is your start in Slovakia.


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