Relocation of your company to Slovakia

We are here for you throughout the comprehensive journey of relocation to Slovakia. There are many ways to relocate and together with our partners, we will help you the find the best one for you and your company´s needs.

Before we begin…

Do you know what Slovakia has to offer and why to relocate here? If not…
1. package
Your relocation plan

1. Re-evaluate your business model
2. Relocation from a legal viewpoint
3. Financial and business support
4. Supplier-customer relations
5. Relocation and recruitment

2. package
Other services

1. Business development
2. Business matching
3. HR services
4. Accounting and audit
5. Transport and forwarding
6. Legal services 

Your relocation plan to #StartinSlovakia

Re-evaluate your business model

Find out if your business model will work in Slovakia

Recalculating the business model is a complex process for which there is no simple guide as it varies from company to company.

Don’t know where to start or how to do it? Our partners from BDO Slovakia will help you with that.

Relocation from a legal viewpoint

What are your options and what to consider?

Sources of capital and support mechanisms

Check out how the government supports invetsments and businesses.

Establishment of buyer-supplier relations

Assistance in finding new business partners in Slovakia

Relocation and Recruitment of Employees

HR services from A to Z

Services for established companies

Business development

Support in the area of sales, strategic initiatives, innovation, business partnerships, market development, business expansion and marketing.

Business matching

Assistance in finding new business partners in Slovakia

Services in HR area

Labor force availability surveys, calculations of estimated labor costs for individual regions, comprehensive recruitment outsourcing for all job positions in the organizational structure in emerging companies.

Accounting and auditing services

integrated value-added services in audit, accounting, tax and consulting to all our clients, regardless of their size or origin.

Dispatch and transport

Air, road, rail and sea transportation services.

Legal services

The services are based on the highest quality standards, education of our team members, understanding of the local business environment and the tradition of international consulting.


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